4 Reasons To Manage Your ADHD Symptoms Before Helping Your Child With Theirs

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2021

Years ago, when my son was 3, I noticed that he was struggling.


My initial reaction was to get him some help. To "fix" him. And, although I was able to get him some of the support he needed, he was still struggling.


Through A LOT of soul searching I discovered that what he needed most was for me to get my $#!+ together and start managing my own energy first...not the other way around.


It’s not easy but I’ve found that when I manage my own symptoms I'm better able to make decisions and help my family manage theirs.


4 Reasons To Manage Your ADHD Symptoms Before Helping Your Child With Theirs:


  1. Mom sets the tone for the home and your kids "match" your energy


  1. Your kids are learning how to navigate life by watching you


  1. The most effective decisions are made from a deactivated state


  1. You can't give from an empty cup


Your Vibe Care Toolkit is a brilliant place to house your “tools” for managing your ADHD symptoms.  If you haven’t already, you can download it here: www.vibecaretoolkit.com


What do you do to manage your ADHD symptoms?


Shine Brightly,



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