If You’re a Mom You Need A Vision Board

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2021

Motherhood is no joke, especially when you have ADHD. 

In fact, it’s the hardest job on the planet. 

And, in this day and age of constant distraction, there is almost a gravitational pull towards overwhelm. 

As a mompreneur with ADHD, adolescents with ADHD and aging parents, I know all about it!  It’s an easy trap to fall into. 

To guard myself against the O word, I connect with my vision (it’s full of everything I love) every day and have picked up vision boarding again. 

I used to play around with vision boards in the past.  Using a cork board to pin up random pictures that caught my eye.  They were a lot of fun to create but not very useful.   

You see, a vision board is a powerful visual tool (when done right).  There is an art and science to creating an effective vision board.  It’s taken some tweaking, some trial and error, but I’ve got it down. 

NOW, I create one...Every. Single. Year.

I have to say, my 2019 board ranks pretty high in the powerful vision board category.  (my 2008 birth board outranks them all though.) 

Not by magic (although there may be some magic pixie dust involved) but by focus.  Throughout the year, whenever I was faced with a decision, I consulted my 2019 vision board.

I started putting little red heart stickers on each image that comes to life.  My 2019 board is full of them!!!  

I seriously think you should create one too.  It will help you stay on track and focused on what’s most important when all the things try to derail you.

4 Reasons Every Mom Should Create a Vision Board

  • Clarity is the antidote to overwhelm and makes decision making (a mom’s biggest mind suck) soooo much easier.  A powerful vision board requires that you get crystal clear about what you want in your life.  You have to know where you are going in order to get there.
  • Visualization is a powerful exercise.  Athletes use visualization to build confidence and maintain focus.  They imagine themselves taking the steps and succeeding by creating future memory.  You can do this with your own dreams and goals.
  • Stay focused.  We live in a highly distractible world.  A vision board is a visual tool that keeps your goals front and center in your mind (the mind thinks in pictures).
  • Taking the time to get clear and create a vision board is the ultimate in self-care (a must for a busy mom).

Now, I’m not perfect.  I am still easily mesmerized by “shiny objects” (and squirrels), but I am more focused now than ever before. 

Create a vision board and see for yourself (and let me know how it goes).  What have you got to lose?  

I know.  I know.  The thought of finding the time and collecting a huge stack of magazines feels overwhelming...

The good news is that I've mastered the process and have created a masterclass to make it simple and fun.  Go HERE and check out the Vision Board Masterclass.

Shine Brightly,


P.S. Have you taken a vision walk yet?  It's FREE, easy and will get your body and your life moving toward what you want for yourself, your family and the world (not to mention it's a dopamine hit your ADHD mind will love).  Click the green I'M IN! button below for all the deets.


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