Take Your Yoga Off The Mat And Into Mom Life

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2021

I was having a day yesterday and lay in bed awake last night (not unusual for this ADHD mind). 

I was feeling out of sorts.

Anxious. Worried. Sad.

Lots of different feels in a day. 

So, I got up and settled into the sofa with a book and let the feelings come. Feeling the anxiety, feeling the worry, feeling the sadness. 

I sat with it. Looked at it. I felt it.

Then I remembered how I felt on my mat in the morning. Strong. Confident. Connected. Peaceful.

I sat with it. Looked at it. Felt it.

And, I started to feel better.

It got me thinking about how living a vision driven life is a lot like taking your yoga off the mat and into Mom Life.

It's a practice. It's a moving toward what you want rather than pushing away from what you don't. 

5 Steps for Bringing Your Yoga Off the Mat and Into Mom Life

  1. Notice where your feelings reside inside your body.  Allow them to be uncomfortable.  Instead of giving in to the urge to get rid of them, let them be there. 
  2. Imagine the feelings moving through your body.  Imagine a river of feelings.  Let them pause here and there to collect any other pent up feelings.  
  3. Give them to Mother Earth. Let the feelings move out through the bottoms of your feet. Let them be neutralized by Mother Earth (don't worry - she can handle it all).
  4. Bring to mind a time when you felt amazing.  Maybe it was on your yoga mat this morning.  Maybe it was on the beach over the summer.  A time when you felt like all was right with the world.
  5. Imagine you’re in that moment.  Feeling amazing.  With all 5 senses.  Like all is right with the world. 

Practice steps 4 & 5 regularly.  The more you practice the easier it will be to bring your yoga off the mat and into Mom Life.

Shine Brightly,


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