The Power Of 10 For ADHD Moms

Uncategorized Apr 09, 2021

A dear friend casually mentioned what she calls the Power of 10 to me one day and it has completely rocked my ADHD mind!

It's all about doing just 10 of something.  Not all of something or part of something but 10 of something.

I’m not exactly sure why my mind loves this so much.  Maybe it’s the perfectionist part of me that loves completion.  That part of me that won’t even start something unless it’s possible to complete it.  

For instance, after my 2nd was born I stopped doing yoga for several years.  My thought process at the time was well, if I can’t do an hour of yoga I’m not going to do it at all.  Talk about self-sabotage…

And then there’s the other side of my ADHD mind that is challenged by beginning something.  

I think that’s why I love The Power Of 10 so much!  It IS a completion.  It IS a beginning.  It’s 10…no more, no less. 

Try starting with one of these:

πŸ‘‰10 minute nap

πŸ‘‰10 veggie sticks 

πŸ‘‰10 minute conversation with a friend

πŸ‘‰10 ounces of water

πŸ‘‰10 minute walk

πŸ‘‰10 diaphragmatic breaths

πŸ‘‰10 minutes of yoga

πŸ‘‰10 EFT tapping points

πŸ‘‰10 minute journal entry

πŸ‘‰10 _______________(fill in the blank) 

It’s an amazing way to start a new habit or to get a little bit more goodness in your life.

βœ”οΈOh, and don’t forget to add these to your Vibe Care Toolkit.  If you haven’t already, you can download it here:

What power of 10 activity or habit will you include in your day?

Shine Brightly,


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