Vibe Care For ADHD Moms

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2021

I learned the hard way that our kids are watching us…always.

They are learning how to navigate life by watching us with their eyes, ears and hearts.  

Sometimes it’s as if by osmosis.  No matter what we are expressing on the outside, they can feel what we’re feeling on the inside.

That’s why I truly believe that vibe care is the most important and overlooked aspect of self-care, especially as moms with ADHD.

What’s a vibe?

Vibe is short for vibration.  Every emotion vibrates at a certain energetic frequency.  

Higher feeling emotions like joy, gratitude, love, appreciation, enthusiasm, optimism and hopefulness vibrate at a higher energetic frequency.  A higher vibe emotion feels expansive in the body.  You might feel a lightness in your step, an opening in your heart space, your gaze floats up rather than down.  When you are feeling expansive you are more closely connected with your higher self/God/The Universe/whatever you choose to call it.  You’re better able to hear your inner mentor or your intuition.

Lower feeling motions like frustration, overwhelm, fear, doubt, worry, anger, guilt and despair have a lower energetic frequency.  A lower vibe emotion feels contractive in the body.  You might feel a tightness in your throat, your chest or you abdomen.  You may feel a heaviness.  Your gaze may lower and you might even cross your arms in front of yourself or feel the need to go fetal.  When you’re feeling contractive you become disconnected from your higher self/God/The Universe/whatever you choose to call it.  You’re less able to hear your inner mentor or your intuition.

Your vibe is the way your soul speaks to you.  It’s telling you that something is out of alignment.  

What is vibe care?

Vibe care is checking in with your vibe throughout the day.  Or, scheduling it for 3 times/day and as needed, for instance.  I consider vibe care a part of your emotional hygiene.  Just like you would take care of your physical hygiene by brushing your teeth, showering and grooming. 

And, discernment is a big part of vibe care.  You see, our thoughts generate our feelings which generate our actions (or inactions) which generate our results (what our lives look like).

Think about your yoga practice.  Your body is different Every. Single. Day.  One day you need a more rigorous vinyasa flow, the next you may need more balancing poses and others you need more shavasana.  Sometimes you need to focus on your shoulders, or your hips or your calves.

It’s the same with your life.  You have different needs. Every. Single. Day.

I truly believe that vibe care is the most important and overlooked aspect of self-care.  Because, honestly, I have different vibes that require different modes of self-care.  And, so do you.

Why take the time for vibe care?

You may be asking yourself why should I take the time for vibe care?

  1. Hands down is that you’re sharing your vibe with your kids.  It’s incredible eye opening and downright painful to realize that you’re teaching your kids how to be negative, pessimistic and how to dislike themselves.  That’s what I was doing and it almost broke me.
  2. Emotions can get trapped in the body. Squashing your feelings is kind of like playing a game of whack a mole. You whack it down and then it shows up somewhere else.  Whack it down again and there it is. On and on it goes. Pent up feelings can manifest in all sorts of dis-ease in the body or a general ill-at-ease-ness.
  3. When you feel good inside your own skin, are happy with yourself and you are congruent with who you are at your core and the way you live your life, you experience mind/body/soul harmony.  You are an example of possibility for your kids and all the other mamas out there who really need an example of possibility.  To know that it is possible to feel good in motherhood.

It helps to have a “toolkit” close at hand for those times when you find yourself in a funk.  I don’t know about you but when I’m in a funk I sometimes forget that anything brings me joy. 

That’s why I created the Vibe Care Toolkit.  It’s a powerful guide that helps you decide ahead of time what makes you feel good - mind, body and soul.  

You can download it here:

Shine Brightly,


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