When Mom Life Feels Impossible Choose a New Thought

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2021

My son’s birth was a turbulent time for me.  I found myself going down the rabbit hole in my mind…a lot.  You know that place I'm talking about... 

  • The dreaded what ifs.
  • The darkest places a mind could go.
  • The thoughts I'd never ever share with anyone.

I used to stay there.  In fact, I spent much of my 20s there.  It was a pattern of thinking that had run deep grooves in my mind.  I had a hard time seeing the light (having ADHD has a tendency to do that).

Life is interesting isn’t it?  The yin and yang of this human experience.

Light and dark

Good and bad

Possible and impossible

We are conditioned to believe that it has to be one way or another.  But, what if what we are telling ourselves is not true?

It was Henry Ford who once said “whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right.”

What if we could see the good in the bad?

Shine the light on the dark?

Create the possible out of the impossible?

As rigorous as life becomes at times, we can always count on the fact that the sun always rises.

What if we were to clear our limiting beliefs simply by changing our thoughts about any circumstance that comes our way?

Think about the power in that.  And, realize that you have that power within you.

5 Steps For Finding a New Thought in Challenging Times

  1. Fold a piece of paper in half lengthwise
  2. Write an Impossible situation in your life across the top
  3. Write a list of the possible negative outcomes on the left side (notice how you feel)
  4. Write a counter list of Possible positive outcomes on the right side (notice how you feel)
  5. When your mind turns to the negative, replace the thought with all that could go right

Shine Brightly,


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