Winning in Motherhood

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2021

I have a friend who wears freshwater pearls and crystals EVERY DAY.  Even with jeans.  She says “Every day is deserving of pearls and crystal.  

I have another friend who orders champagne at dinner because “why should we wait for a reason to celebrate?”  

And another who uses her best glassware daily. 

They have learned to celebrate the everyday.

No matter how small they may seem.  Wins are wins.  Michael Bernard Beckwith reminds us that the more we find to celebrate the more we will have to celebrate.  

And, as moms with ADHD, it's essential that we find ways to celebrate ourselves.

We tend to have no problem celebrating others but when it comes to celebrating ourselves, we hesitate.  I see this week after week on group coaching calls. 

More often than not, the participants are ready to celebrate the others with confetti and fanfare and can’t seem to come up with a thing to celebrate for themselves, even though they know that I’m going to ask them to share a win. 

Next time you notice that you have up-leveled a thought or responded instead of reacting when you realize that your daughter is still in her pajamas at 8:15 on a school day, do a victory dance.  Celebrate ALL wins.  They are all worthy of celebration and necessary in BEcoming the woman you are envisioning.  

Add celebrating a win to your morning (or afternoon) gratitude practice.  Gratitude and wins are slightly different. 

  • Gratitude is the back door to abundance.  It is at the same vibration or vibe as abundance and joy. 
  • Celebrating a win is all about recognizing how much you rock and increasing your sense of deserving.

I love a good celebration.  What can I celebrate with you today?

Shine Brightly,


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