Effective School/Home Communication With Dr Emily King

The more information we have the more empowered we feel and the more we trust the process. ~ Dr Emily King


During this episode of the Vision Driven Mom With ADHD podcast Dr Emily King and I talk about how to effectively collaborate with the school while keeping your child’s needs at the forefront of all communication.


✔️Helping your child identify their “person” at school

✔️Communication boundaries

✔️Educating yourself on the IEP/504 process in your school

✔️Building trust in the IEP/504 team

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Dr. Emily is a child psychologist, and former school psychologist, who has spent the last 20 years working with neurodivergent children and teens along with their families and teachers in schools and private practice.

Dr. Emily has been on all sides of the IEP table first as a school psychologist and then as a parent. She knows the feeling of thinking you are out of ideas to support your child. This feeling inspired her passion for helping parents and educators collaborate so that all students succeed is her life’s work.

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