Two Homes One Happy Childhood With Nicole Lupushansky

Episode #82

Is it possible to create a happy childhood for your children after divorce?   

During this episode of the Vision Driven Mom podcast, Nicole Lupushansky, and I talk about her passion for helping moms create a happy childhood for their children as they navigate divorce and beyond.  

We talk about:

*The way we show up in relationships often stems from our own inner child

*When we understand why we are triggered we can use the Introspection Process to heal and move on

*As we heal ourselves we make way for a new legacy for our children going forward


Guest Resources: 

Nicole Lupushansky is a Transformational Co-parenting & Divorce Coach that supports Divorced Moms to reduce the psychological and emotional effects of parental separation on children, even when the other parent is not willing to participate. 





Waitlist to Calm the Conflict Transformational Co-parenting Coaching Program -


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