Becoming The Mom You’re Meant To Be With Nicole Terrell

Episode #79

Is it possible to BEcome the mom you envision yourself to be?   

During this episode of the Vision Driven Mom podcast, Nicole Terrell shares her work as a Trauma Informed Manifestation Coach and the transformation that occurs when moms let go of past traumas and fully connect with their authentic selves along with the support of the Universe.  

We talk about:

*The impact of trauma on manifestation 

*How manifestation integrates with healing

*What energy leaks are and why it's necessary to seal them up

*Breaking generational patterns 


Guest Resources: 

Nicole Terrell is the founder and creator of Wildly Worthy Women, where she teaches women that manifestation is a healing process in which they strip away the conditioning that led them to abandon themselves in order to create a sense of safety or feeling loved through the trauma they experienced so that they can reconnect with their most authentically magnetic selves. 


She works with women to help them fall in love with themselves and their lives through the combination of breaking down old paradigms of unworthiness, gaining mindful awareness of their trauma AND beginning to have faith in the powerful support of the Universe. 



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