Finding Your Happy Place in Motherhood With Kim Strobel

Episode #78

Is it possible to experience happiness in motherhood?   

During this episode of the Vision Driven Mom podcast, Happiness Coach Kim Strobel shares her journey from dark night of the soul to teaching others how to take control of their happiness with simple habits.   

We talk about:

*Happiness research and how we can use it to create new “happiness” neural pathways in our brains

*The top 5 habits of happy people

*Gratitude and why every mom needs to start a gratitude practice


Guest Resources: 

Kim Strobel a leadership and happiness coach who helps businesses and organizations prioritize their health and well-being so they can reach new levels in their personal and professional lives. As a nationally-recognized speaker & happiness coach, Kim empowers others to take control of their health, wellness, and happiness with simple habits that create work-life flow. 


When she’s not rescuing dogs or downing a McDonald’s Diet Coke, Kim’s contagious, high-energy style has the unique ability to embolden her audiences. Motivational, inspirational, and always approachable, Kim’s “real talk” attitude is a refreshing approach that authentically connects with hearts & humans everywhere.



Twitter: @strobeled  

Instagram: @kimstrobeljoy  

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