EFT Tapping For Emotional Healing For Moms With Sara Whiteside

Episode #77

Is it possible to heal emotionally using EFT tapping?   During this episode of the Vision Driven Mom podcast Sara Whiteside shares the miraculous ways EFT tapping can help moms heal emotionally, overcome difficulties and tap into your innate creativity.  

We talk about:

*What the evidence based practice of EFT tapping is and why it’s an incredible tool for moms

*The benefits of using EFT tapping to process emotions

*How to use EFT tapping to feel good in motherhood


Guest Resources: 

Sara Whiteside is a Certified EFT Practitioner and Intuitive Business coach specializing in work with new online entrepreneurs who are stuck in a loop of personal development, impostor syndrome and perfectionism. 

Get out of your head and take confident action in your business with Sara’s ARISE coaching framework and EFT skillset. Sara helps her clients identify limiting patterns and beliefs and gives them the tools and guidance to break through the glass ceiling that society has built above her who dreams of changing lives with powerful messages and content. 

Sara lives in Virginia with her chef husband and two sons. 

Website: www.sarawhiteside.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/sarawhiteside9

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sara.g.whiteside

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sarawhiteside19

Evolve and Flourish Toolkit:  https://sarawhiteside.com/freebie

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