Simply Practice Yoga In Mom Life With Suzanne Ballantyne

Episode #75

Is it possible to show up fully for yourself in mom life?   During this episode of the Vision Driven Mom podcast Suzanne “Zan” Ballantyne and I talk about what yoga really is and what it means to bring your yoga off the mat and into mom life.  

We talk about:

*Yoga is meditation with movement.

*The practice of yoga is about your relationship with your body, with others and with life.

*You have to have a relevant practice that’s meaningful to you in order to show up fully for your practice.

*Using your range of comfort to take small steps toward your intentions in yoga and in life.

Guest Resources: 

Suzanne fell in love with the word "practice" while in graduate school, and then gradually and gently espoused the idea in her own life which resulted in a path of practice that includes Yoga and Meditation. Both of these are fundamentally practice-based sciences, the principles of which Suzanne teaches in her Yoga classes; offers in her ecclectic meditation teachings; and introduces to her Coaching clients so they can begin to apply them in their own lives and personal practices.




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