The Enneagram In Mom Life With Sarah Waxman


Is it possible to use the enneagram as a guide in mom life?   

During this episode of the Vision Driven Mom podcast, Sarah Waxman, and I talk about what the enneagram is, why it’s an invaluable tool in motherhood and how to use it.

We talk about:

*The enneagram shows us how to truly step in and be our authentic selves

*When we change our behaviors others automatically change theirs

*Using the enneagram as a secret weapon to understand the motivation behind behaviors (ours and our kids) 


Guest Resources: 

Sarah Waxman is a certified Enneagram coach, author, speaker, and creator of The SELF Aware Academy. She works with parents and teachers and helps guide them in supporting emotional intelligence and growth in children and adolescents. 


The way to positively affect a child is to work with the adult. Therefore, she is on a mission to guide adults on a self-awareness journey to discover who they truly are. Sarah coaches adults and helps them shed their false self and become their true, authentic selves, allowing them to rediscover the person they were born to be. Stepping into that person creates a lasting impact with a ripple effect. 




Parenting With The Enneagram PDF 


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