Money and Motherhood with Jenifer Sapel

Is it possible to change your money story and gain confidence?   

During this episode of the Vision Driven Mom podcast, Jenifer Sapel and I talk about how she intentionally changed her money story, understanding the difference between fear and discomfort when it comes to money and the research that shows that moms are really good with finances.

We talk about:

*Worrying about money is a drag on your energy

*Investing is a practice like brushing your teeth.  The more you practice the better you get.

*When you get simple systems in place you can decide how much money to keep and how much to give to your future self.

*Money is the easiest self-care practice to automate


Guest Resources: 

Jen Sapel is the Founder of Utor Wealth LLC, a Chartered Financial Consultant, a Wealth Management Certified Professional, and a Financial Advisor.


She is also a recovering Type A, mother of 2 littles under 4, caregiver to an extraordinary niece, poet, cyclist, and business owner.  Like you, underneath all the labels, she’s just a human trying to both experience the best of what life has to offer and make her corner of the world a little better in doing so.


She founded Utor after 15 years with a big company because she was tired of all the extra words in meetings, case studies that didn't resonate, and tip towing around big egos.


Whether dress size or college savings strategy, you don't have to fit into any one-size-fits-all box.  There are many paths to success, you just need a little help to find the right fit for you.  


It's never too late to start CONFIDENTLY using, investing, and enjoying your hard earned money. Join her at 




Retirement calculator: 


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