Helping Our Kids (And Ourselves) Override The Inner Critic With Jacqui Letran

Is it possible to override the inner critic in ourselves and help our kids do it too?   

During this episode of the Vision Driven Mom podcast, author Jacqui Letran, and I talk about the mind/body connection and how to override our old, disempowering beliefs and build self-confidence in ourselves and our kids.

We talk about:

*The four Disempowering Faulty Beliefs (DFBs) that rob us of our self-confidence

*Where these DFBs came from and why they were created in the first place

*How parents can help our kids rebuild her confidence

*Simple steps you can take to change your mindset even before getting out of bed


Guest Resources: 

Jacqui Letran is a Nurse Practitioner, Author, Speaker, and Teen Confidence Expert. She blends more than twenty years of experience working with teens in the medical and holistic settings to provide time-tested, practical guidance to help teen girls embody Peaceful Confidence™. 


Her multi-award-winning Words of Wisdom for Teens book series is considered a go-to resource for teens, parents of teens, and anyone working with teens. 




6 Steps to Transform Your Inner Critic for Teen Girls ebook   


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