Are you seeing your own least favorite behaviors being reflected in your kids?

You're not alone.

Seeing your least favorite behaviors reflected in your kids is hard, especially when you realize they’re getting it from you.  You may have even tried to “fix” them first, like I did, but then made the heart breaking realization that they’re mirroring you.  It’s easy to feel like you’re failing as their mom. 

You want to BE the mom your kids deserve.  You want your kids to experience the very best version of you but... you're stuck.

Maybe you’ve tried yoga, meditation and other mind/body practices to no avail.  Maybe you've tried affirmations, gratitude or manifesting but it's just not working.  Maybe you're a pro at self-care but you're still not seeing results.    

Changing old patterns and creating the childhood you want your kids to experience takes courage but it’s a lot easier when you know what to do. 

That’s why I created the Vision Walk.  To help you move your body while moving your life toward what you want to experience rather than away from what you don’t.  It’s a completely different way of living, a vision driven life way of living and boy do I wish I learned this when I was a kid.

During this FREE 30 minute guided walk you will learn to…

  • BE present regardless of what’s happening around you (get grounded, aligned and heighten your senses)
  • Move your body and your life forward by creating a life vision (you have to decide what you want for yourself and your family in order to get it)
  • BE the role model you want your children to see with grace and calm confidence (experience the future you)

*Click the green button and download the PDF guide.  It includes links to the Vision Walk and LOTS of great tips for taking your walk in the most powerful way.    

BE the mom you want your kids to SEE

Move your body while moving your life toward the best version of you.

Hi!  I'm Tracy and I'm a firm believer that anything is possible, even in the midst of motherhood.

When my son was 3 years old I noticed he was exhibiting some of my least favorite behaviors…negativity, pessimism and …self-loathing.  I soon realized that little eyes, ears and hearts are always watching and that he was getting it from ME. 

After 15 years of yoga and mind/body work I was still feeling less than content and more than a little dead inside.  Happy on the outside and hot mess on the inside was not cutting it as far as my kids were concerned.

So, I got busy pulling my life apart and learned how to live a vision driven life in the process.  I began living from a life vision and incorporating more fun and movement into my life.  I started to feel better, my life started to move and I noticed that my kids were responding too.    

Since that devastating realization (and a long twisting healing journey) I’ve bundled my experience with decades of yoga, meditation, mind/body work, life transformation coaching and my love of movement into my work with moms. 

When I started leading Vision Walks with the Vision Driven Mom community I was amazed at the results. They were so powerful I realized I had to share this experience with the world.  Thus…The Vision Driven Mom Movement was born.

I am so excited about this movement and all the possibilities that are opening up for moms world-wide because of it. 

And, I'm thrilled that you're interested in being a part of it too.

Shine Brightly,


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