What if taking a simple guided walk could help you manage your ADHD?

The Vision Walk Audio Guide is a solo guided walk that you can take anytime and anywhere, designed to give your ADHD mind:

*a healthy dose of DOPAMINE (often lacking with ADHD)
*VARIETY (our ADHD minds crave it)
*FOCUS (give your mind direction so it doesn’t run amuck)

so you can stay:

*FOCUSED on what's important
*PRESENT with what's in front of you
*CONNECTED with your kids

AND...SELF REGULATED so you can co-regulate with your kids

You can have ADHD without ADHD having you...even if you have a million other things calling for your attention in your beautiful, unique mind.

You Can Have ADHD Without ADHD Having You

For Moms With ADHD Running Neurodivergent Households

During this FREE 30 minute guided walk you'll learn to…

  • BE present regardless of what’s happening around you (get grounded, aligned and heighten your senses)
  • MOVE your body and your life forward (embody the way you'd love to feel)
  • BE the role model you want your children to see with grace and calm confidence (experience the future you)

*Click the green button above and download the PDF guide.  It includes links to the Vision Walk and LOTS of great tips for taking your walk in the most powerful way.    

Hi!  I'm Tracy

I guide moms with ADHD running neurodivergent households in using an embodied approach to staying focused on what's important, present with what's in front of them and connected with their kids.

...even if there are a million other things calling for their attention in their beautiful, unique minds.

Through the Vision Driven Mom With ADHD podcast, movement & yoga classes as well as group and individual coaching, courses/programs and events I’ll show you how to use movement and somatic practices to manage your ADHD symptoms.

I truly believe that you can have ADHD without ADHD having you and I’m honored to be your Vision Walk guide.

Shine Brightly,


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