Hi There!  I'm Tracy

I'm a firm believer that you can have ADHD without ADHD having you. 

When my son was 3 years old I noticed he was exhibiting some of my least favorite behaviors…negativity, pessimism and …self-loathing.  I soon realized that little eyes, ears and hearts are always watching and that he was getting it from ME.  

Even after 15 years of yoga and mind/body work my ADHD was in overdrive.  Happy on the outside and hot mess on the inside was not cutting it as far as my kids were concerned. 

In the process of pulling apart my life I learned how to live a vision driven life.  I learned that I could shift from overwhelmed to overflowing and that it was a choice I could make throughout each day (some days more difficult than others). 

When I noticed that my kids were responding to the changes I was making in my life I realized I was on to something.   

Since that devastating realization (and a long twisting healing journey) I’ve bundled my experience with decades of yoga, meditation, mind/body work, life transformation coaching and my own "experiment" with life as an ADHD mom.  

Now, I guide moms just like you in living a Vision Driven Life through my FAB Framework (Focus. Align. BEcome.). 

If I can find the gifts in the way my my brain is wired and be a proud role model for my own kids I know you can do it too.  I'm so excited to be your guide. 

Shine Brightly, 


"Going through Tracy’s programs seriously changed my life. I wake up every day full of energy, feeling positive and excited about the amazing opportunities that are surrounding me."

Elizabeth G

"Having a vision has allowed me to create beyond my wildest imagination. It is what has guided me to success in business, relationships, and my own personal growth."

Laura M

"Thank you for helping me make my dreams come true, easily and with great love. You have made all seem possible, and because of you, I am lighter, the best version of mySelf. "

Jenn P

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