Hi!  I'm Tracy

I'm a certified Life Mastery Consultant and Trauma Conscious Yoga Method instructor.

I have passionately bundled my experience with decades of yoga, meditation, mind/body work, life transformation coaching and her own "experiment" with life as an ADHD mom running a neurodivergent household.

I guide moms with ADHD running neurodivergent households in using an embodied approach to staying focused on what's important, present with what's in front of them and connected with their kids.

...even if there are a million other things calling for their attention in their beautiful, unique minds.

Through the Vision Driven Mom With ADHD podcast, movement & yoga classes as well as group and individual coaching, courses/programs and events I’ll show you how to use movement and somatic practices to manage your ADHD symptoms.

I truly believe that you can have ADHD without ADHD having you and I’m honored to be your guide.

Shine Brightly,


"Going through Tracy’s programs seriously changed my life. I wake up every day full of energy, feeling positive and excited about the amazing opportunities that are surrounding me."

Elizabeth G

"Having a vision has allowed me to create beyond my wildest imagination. It is what has guided me to success in business, relationships, and my own personal growth."

Laura M

"Thank you for helping me make my dreams come true, easily and with great love. You have made all seem possible, and because of you, I am lighter, the best version of mySelf. "

Jenn P

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