Vision Walk

You can have ADHD without ADHD having you

2 Simple Ways To Take a Vision Walk

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LIVE Walk in Raleigh

Managing ADHD with a healthy dose of happinessĀ chemicals, variety and focus.

Raleigh, NC



Join the collective of moms with ADHD with adolescents with ADHD on a guided walk designed to reduce overwhelm by giving our ADHD minds:

*a healthy dose of DOPAMINE (often lacking with ADHD)
*VARIETY (our minds crave it)
*FOCUS (clarity is the cure to overwhelm)

to stay:

*FOCUSED on what's important
*PRESENT with what's in front of you
*CONNECTED with your kids

...even if you have a million other things calling for your attention in your beautiful, unique mind.

We are a community who believes that you can have ADHD without ADHD having you and that anything is possible with the support of others who get you.

And it all starts with a Vision Walk.


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