What I Can Control As A Mom With ADHD

Uncategorized May 14, 2021

When my son was young he used to have what we called "big worries". Almost nightly his mind would go to all of the tragedies that could happen to the Universe, to the planet, to the world, to our family, to him…


And, he's not alone. I'm prone to these big worries too (thank you ADHD mind), especially when it comes to my kids.


Much of life is out of our control but there is so much that we CAN control.


I like to thank my mind for keeping me safe (that's it's job afterall) and telling it that I've "got the wheel" (validation goes a long way).


I can choose to focus on what I CAN control (I have 100% control over my thoughts and so do you). 


When we consciously shift our focus from what we cannot control to what we can, we are teaching our neurodiverse kiddos to do the same.


It takes practice, like working a muscle, but it's possible to shift your focus from what you can't control to what you can. 


And, some days you might have to do it 100 times and that's ok.


What I CAN control:


👉My thoughts


👉My words


👉My actions


👉My integrity


👉My self-care


👉My perspective


👉My self-advocacy


👉How I deal with feelings


👉How I treat myself


👉How I treat others


👉What I focus on

What I CANNOT control:


👉Other's words


👉Other's feelings


👉Other's behavior


👉Other's mistakes


👉Other's opinions


👉The past








👉World events


👉What others think of me

What will you choose to focus on today?


Shine Brightly,



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