4 Pillars Of Well-Being For ADHD Moms

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2021

ADHD is complex and treating the symptoms is different for every single mom who has it (and every kid too).

Since there is no magic bullet for ADHD it requires taking a holistic approach to treat it.  Treating ALL of ourselves.

The 4 Pillars of Well-Being are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and each aspect is as important as the other.  They make up all of who we are.

4 Pillars Of Well-Being For ADHD Moms

If you aren’t already, consider adding 1 or more examples from each pillar into your self-care practice.




👉nutrition/supplements/meds (when appropriate).  Think ADHD brain health.




👉physical touch

👉other physical treatments





👉rest your mind (mindfulness/meditation)

👉simple systems to hold information (the mind is not a container)

👉feed the mind empowering messages

👉give your mind something to focus on, like a life vision, or it will run amuck. 

👉hire a coach and/or a therapist to support you with your mental health

👉surround yourself with others who get you because, let’s face it, we have neurodiverse minds and we live in a world created for neurotypical people






👉noticing what you’re noticing and moving up the emotional scale

👉daily joys

👉feel the feels (vibe care)

👉connect with others

👉somatic and mind/body practices because what we know is that emotions often get trapped in the body, especially if there is trauma involved.





👉connect with nature

👉feed your creativity

👉be guided by your why

👉live by your core values

👉listen to your intuition

👉pray/meditate/connect whether it be at church, on your meditation cushion or in nature 


What will you include in your self-care practice?

Shine Brightly,


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